Innovative Leaders Virtual Conference- Spotlight on Wyoming

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If you missed us on May 7, 2019 we have recorded the stories of change from schools and districts across Wyoming in our Innovative Leaders Virtual Conference.  All sessions are fully online and free to re-watch from your school, office, or home.

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Using Fresh Data to Generate Personalized Learning Paths

See how an 8th Grade ELA Teacher used interim state assessment data to help students take ownership of their learning while providing deliberate pathways to focus instruction on needed areas.

Dr. Steven Miller

View recorded session here.

Mass Customized Learning in a Small School Setting

This session will explore a variety of methods used to provide personalized learning in a small school. Read 180, Khan Academy, and Acellus are platforms that will be discussed as tools to aide in customizing the learning for students.

Pete Kilbride

View recorded session here.

Adding Resiliency Education to Personalize Digital Learning in an Alternative High School Setting

This session will delve into combining social emotional learning strategies with technology based individual learning plans to help students be successful in an alternative school setting.

Tracy de Ryk

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Personalizing Professional Learning in a Rural District

This session will explore the adage, "There is always an expert two rivers away". You will get an inside view of how a rural superintendent is rethinking professional learning to leverage the expertise of the teachers in his district and to bring in the expertise of neighboring districts.

Steve Loyd

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Student Led Conferences

This session will explore methods used to implement student led conferences at the secondary level. Different techniques and strategies used to help teachers and students share the learning that is happening in the classroom with parents.

Steve Priest

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