Friday Institute Crosstalk: Statistics and Data Science Education in K-12: A Critical Literacy Approach and Implications for Curriculum and Professional Learning

Join the HI-RiSE team as they share updates on their projects and initiatives incorporating statistics and data science in K-12+ teaching and learning and preparing teachers to teach statistics and data science. Discussion will include brainstorming how the FI, along with institutions, educational organizations and other partners, can enhance the goal of incorporating statistics and data science in K-12+ classrooms. A goal is to consider a pathway forward through the three FI impact areas and potential collaborative efforts across teams and projects at the Friday Institute.

Friday Institute cross–talk sessions give internal teams an opportunity to briefly share a portion of their work and stimulate discussion across all teams at the Friday Institute and College of Education to further collaborations, introduce new concepts, address research design problems and more. RSVP to Jonathan Barbee at