Friday Institute Crosstalk: Reflections, Realities and Reactions

Our Professional Learning and Leading Collaborative (PLLC) team will share how they have utilized their individual and collective backgrounds to respond to and accommodate the realities and needs of various stakeholders across North Carolina and beyond during the 2020-2021 school year. This interactive crosstalk will highlight the programs and projects of the PLLC team during this year of emergency remote learning, pandemics and civil unrest. But, more importantly, it will focus on the needs, trends and next steps K-12 schools will need to support all stakeholders in the coming years. Discussion will focus on potential collaboration with other teams, ideas for external partners and schools/organizations to engage on this topic, and opportunities for future proposals and projects.

Friday Institute cross–talk sessions give internal teams an opportunity to briefly share a portion of their work and stimulate discussion across all teams at the Friday Institute and College of Education to further collaborations, introduce new concepts, address research design problems and more. RSVP to Marjorie Santoro at