Friday Institute Crosstalk: Making a Difference in the Lives of Youth and Families Through STEM Education

Decades of research have been dedicated to exploring strategies to increase the numbers of women and members of communities of color typically underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) careers. The underrepresentation of some groups has economic implications for these individuals and their families. Join the Innovations in STEM Education Research team in discussing factors that contribute to students’ science career aspirations through an examination of home and family-related variables that contribute to students’ beliefs about the value of science for their future. Discussions will examine ways we can engage partners, schools and families in working together to provide quality science education for all.

Friday Institute cross–talk sessions give internal teams an opportunity to briefly share a portion of their work and stimulate discussion across all teams at the Friday Institute and College of Education to further collaborations, introduce new concepts, address research design problems and more. RSVP to Jonathan Barbee at