Friday Institute Crosstalk- Beyond Voice and Choice: Supporting Learner Agency in the Classroom

Join the PLLC team for this cross-talk session about their learner agency initiative. Since 2014, the PLLC team has supported educators in designing learning environments to meet the needs of each and every student. From professional learning experiences that support student executive function to social and emotional learning, their learning differences initiative has met the needs of a global audience of tens of thousands of educators. This year, the initiative has expanded to focus on supporting educators in fostering learner agency in their individual contexts.

During this session, the PLLC team will share the two free learning modules that it has developed for teachers around learner agency this year. They will also share their thinking around a third learning experience that is focused on administrators, which is targeted for a December release. After describing how they have gone “beyond voice and choice” in this work, the team would like to discuss ways to support other teams’ work with these free and flexible learning experiences.

Friday Institute cross–talk sessions give internal teams an opportunity to briefly share a portion of their work and stimulate discussion across all teams at the Friday Institute and College of Education to further collaborations, introduce new concepts, address research design problems and more. RSVP to Jonathan Barbee at

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