Friday Institute Crosstalk: Conducting Impactful Research from the Inside Out: Discovering Your Broader Impacts Identity

The United States National Science Foundation (NSF) defines Broader Impacts as “the potential to not only advance knowledge but benefit society.” This potential may be accomplished directly through proposed research activities or indirectly through complementary outreach and engagement activities. While Broader Impacts is a criterion for NSF reviewers, increasingly more funding agencies prefer proposals to contribute to the betterment of science and society. In an effort to both (1) enhance collective understanding about Broader Impacts and (2) augment the development of competitive proposals across the Friday Institute, this crosstalk will focus on developing researchers’ Broader Impacts Identity. This talk will be led by two inaugural NC State Strengthening the Impact of Research (STIR) Scholars, Dr. Callie Edwards, and Dr. Jackie Relyea. At the end of this crosstalk, participants will be able to define and operationalize their Broader Impacts Identity. Participants will also leave the session with access to additional resources for future exploration and support.

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