Exploring Next-Generation Education: K-12 Trends that Matter for 2022

Yes, we’ve had another extremely challenging year—a global pandemic, ongoing racial injustice and inequities, economic challenges, an insurrection on our nation’s capitol, and a new surge with Omicron.  Educators navigated their way through these compounded issues. They summoned their creativity and resiliency to support and engage students. With this dramatic backdrop, we move into 2022 with disappointments and frustration combined with hope for a brighter collective future. The goal of our virtual panel discussion is to surface K-12 trends that matter for 2022. As community members, what do we need to be relentless about? As policymakers, what do we need to let go? As educators, how do we create space for transformation that can usher in new ways of thinking about and doing education?


Moderator and Panelists