Exploring Next Generation Education: Addressing Trauma as Students Return to School

Exploring Next-Generation Education: Addressing Trauma as Students Return to School. Tuesday, Aug. 31, 2021. 5-6 p.m. EST. Register at friday.institute/9440

Join Hiller Spires, Ph.D., Friday Institute executive director, for the next session of our Exploring Next Generation Education Webinar Series, which will focus on addressing trauma for students returning to schools. Teachers and social workers are important points of contact for children and families who have experienced trauma. However, studies in both teacher education and social work preparation suggests that educators and social workers do not feel prepared to engage and address issues related to family trauma, which has seen a significant increase during the COVID-19 pandemic as reported by the CDC.  This session will explore insight gained from regional NC educator surveys and focus groups as well as NC social worker and educator representatives on how we can inform our educator support systems, teaching practices and stakeholder outreach to better support staff and community needs.

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