Engaging and (re)Connecting in the Virtual Space

Graphic for webinar "Engaging and (re) Connecting in the Virtual Space" with Jaclyn Stevens of the Friday Institute. December 1, 4 p.m. EST for participating VSN school educators only

There is no shortcut to actually establishing a direct human connection with students in virtual educational settings. A growing body of work on school connectedness that predates the pandemic shows connection happens when four things are true:

  • Students know that there is an adult or adults at the school that care about who they are as a person.
  • There is a supportive peer group.
  • Students are engaged in prosocial activities (activities that are meaningful to them or help others).
  • Students find school to be a welcoming place that accepts them for who they are.

Join us to dig into how we can elevate these four strategies and reflect on our engagement practices as virtual school educators.