Digital Learning Initiative Micro-Credentials Session

By Invitation Only

As schools and districts shift to providing a more personalized learning experience for their students, they are also being increasingly asked to provide the same type of experience for their educators. Micro-credentials are one strategy that schools and district leaders are using to meet this need.

This is the first in a series of sessions for Digital Learning Initiative grant recipients that will provide hands-on, job-embedded use and implementation strategies of micro-credentials and equip teams with strategies and protocols to lead this transition.

Participants will have to opportunity to:

  • EXPERIENCE different approaches to micro-credentials and leverage these approaches to design a system of micro-credentials for educators in their districts;
  • EVALUATE ways in which micro-credentials can be used to support and enhance professional capacity building (face-to-face and online) for job-embedded implementation of the DLCs;
  • DEVELOP protocols and standards for effective implementation of micro-credentials;
  • ASSESS how DLCs can fit into your unique micro-credentialing needs;
  • DEVELOP a communication plan and clear expectations for implementation with a focus on changing mindsets about what professional learning should look like;
  • IMPLEMENT or plan for the implementation of a pilot of micro-credentials that support your LEA’s needs;
  • DESIGN micro-credential pathway(s) for professional capacity building;
  • DEVELOP solutions and communications to empower, encourage, recognize, and reward staff using micro-credentials.
  • EXPLORE and DESIGN to scale your system of micro- credentialing.


Organizers and Presenters