DeSIRE Student Showcase

Join the DeSIRE team for a showcase of our DeSIRE student projects on advanced manufacturing. The DeSIRE Student Showcase has been created to highlight the learning gains and achievements of students at West Edgecombe Middle School and Phillips Middle School as part of the NSF-funded DeSIRE (Developing STEM Identity in Rural Audiences through Community-Based Engineering Design) grant.

Students at both schools have been working on a collaborative project to design and optimize systems for detecting and filtering common contaminants/pollutants found in manufacturing environments. In an effort to create synergy across schools, students from one school were tasked with optimizing sensors to detect certain contaminants while students at the other school used that information to design a filtration system capable of removing said contaminants. As part of this event, students will share their projects and design experiences. We hope that you can join us in supporting and celebrating all of the hard work that our students and teachers have put forth on these projects.

Please email Dr. Tameshia Baldwin ( if you have any questions.