Building Quantum Computing Talent in North Carolina Schools

Quantum computing (QC) is an emerging technology that could change the world, and North Carolina is at the epicenter of this change. IBM and North Carolina State University have partnered to create an IBM Quantum Hub right here in North Carolina. The Friday Institute for Educational Innovation at NC State is moderating a webinar for educators and administrators to learn about this exciting new field of computer science. Specifically, the webinar will cover the following topics:

  • What is QC and how is it different from classical computing?
  • What is the partnership between IBM and the NC State College of Engineering?
  • What kinds of applications will use QC and what kinds of jobs will be available once QC is prevalent?
  • How can your high school or community college offer a year-long, high-quality class on QC, at no cost to you or the students?
  • Why North Carolina stands to be a world leader in QC, if we can cultivate the talent pipeline now?

The Friday Institute has partnered with Qubit by Qubit (QxQ), a non-profit online learning initiative that focuses specifically on STEM programs in the field of quantum computing. They will provide information about their various programs which your school or community college may want to utilize as you seek to provide high-quality STEM content to your students.

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About the Qubit by Qubit Programs:

As a leading STEM education nonprofit, QxQ offers a free Introduction to Quantum Computing course designed specifically for high school students. The only prerequisite is geometry. The year-long course is online and taught by QxQ’s instructors from leading universities. Students will learn foundational quantum computing skills, run code on a real quantum computer, and hear from leading academic and industry experts.

About the Friday Institute:

Advancing K-12 education through innovation in digital-age teaching, learning and leadership, we bring together students, teachers, researchers, policy-makers, educational professionals and other community members to foster collaborations in improving education. We conduct research, develop educational resources, provide professional development programs for educators, advocate to improve teaching and learning, and help inform policy-making.



IBM Quantum Computer
An IBM Quantum Computer. Source: