2022 Catalyst Research Symposium

Hear research presentations from faculty and staff who were awarded Catalyst Grants for 2021-2022 during this 2022 Catalyst Research Symposium. The purpose of the Catalyst Grant program is to increase research collaborations between faculty and staff at the Friday Institute and the NC State College of Education. A primary objective of this program is to “seed” collaborative research that will lead to further research and support from external granting agencies.

RSVP to Jonathan Barbee at jlbarbe2@ncsu.edu.

Catalyst Projects and Researchers:

Machine Learning in the History Classroom: Using Artificial Intelligence for a Student-Led Inquiry into Redlining – Amato Nocera and Jennifer Houchins (Friday Institute)

Changing the Tide: Supporting and Retaining Residency Licensed Special Educators – Jessica Hunt

Investigating How Teachers Implement Data Lessons and Support Equitable Student Participation – Gemma Mojica (Friday Institute), Sunghwan Byun, and Emily Thrasher (Friday Institute)


Catalyst Grant Winners and Presenters