Experiencing American College Life in Group Fitness by Jie Ling

This is my first semester at NC State University! I’m still on my way to get involved in American college life, not only by reading piles of course materials, but also by participating in activities like group fitness in spare time. Before I was a female otaku who would always stay at home and never do any exercises. Now, after I signed up for a group fitness course, I began to love and enjoy exercises. It is an effective way to explore college life and get in touch with local students. In addition, after an hour of workout, I feel relaxed. What’s more, all fitness courses are free!

First Attempt: Yoga

At first, as a novice, I chose to take beginner Yoga classes that are gentle and easy to handle my body. During Yoga practice, we consciously connect our bodies with minds and things around us.The experience of connection is a state of yoga, a joyful and blissful, fulfilling experience. Yoga can help me deal with the changes my body is going through. It taught me to breathe through hot flashes and ease discomfort with restorative poses. It’s OK even if you cannot perform exactly as the coach and your peers around you do. The most important thing is that you enjoy the whole process and try to calm down yourself with smooth breath.

Challenging Course: Body Pump

Body Pump is a 60-minute full-body workout with high repetition and utilizes the most effective weight-room exercises such as the chest press, squats, rows and lunges. The whole process focuses on training the power of arms muscle. Unfortunately, I cannot always hold the barbell and finish the deep squat at the same time. Body Pump is so difficult for me that I gave it up after just trying. If you are willing to get your muscle trained, I recommend that you try Body Pump.

Highly Recommended: Barre Burn

If you’re a new comer to the gym, I recommend that you should choose barre burn which is neither too gentle nor too intensive. This low-impact workout uses light weights, bands and a classic ballet to tone strengthen and tighten your whole body. This workout is really suitable for females like us who are always sitting beside the table. The whole process helps us stretch our bodies and benefits blood circulation. I do feel comfortable after an hour of barre burning.

Favorite Course: Cardio Dance

Cardio dance is a high energy dance class incorporating cardio moves and lively choreography, making you energetic and moving with rhythm. The coach of this class is able to stimulate our passion to jump or twist with smiles. I enjoy the atmosphere and the feeling of sweating! It seems that I will successfully lose my weight and be in good shape soon!

To sum up, a good gym class will provide a variety of activities that increase coordination. Besides, the social aspect of gym class should not be overlooked as we can talk and laugh with strangers. During the process, we can develop specific social skills such as teamwork and good sportsmanship. So, no more hesitation! Wear your sports shoes, then run, jump, twist and breathe deeply!