Doors of Opportunity

Being in my second year of the internship here at the Friday Institute, I have had the honor of stepping into the role of lead intern. As the lead intern, I was able to aid fellow interns in tasks, send weekly reminders and continue to grow our sense of connection and community. Also being knowledgeable of the educational research processes, I was trusted with advanced tasks and was able to work with graduate research assistants to complete high-level projects. Dr. Edwards and the PEER Group continue to open up doors of opportunity for me to enhance my leadership and research skills. 

As the lead intern for the 2021-2022 school year, I thought the internship looked much different than my first-year experience, which you can go back and read more about here! With the introduction of new interns every year, I was able to share advice and words of wisdom with those coming in to help them make the most of their internship experience. Throughout the year, I was able to connect with other interns to strengthen our sense of community. Being able to lead projects and work together with everyone was a great opportunity to grow my communication and delegation skills.

With the effects of COVID subsiding at the beginning of the Spring ‘22 semester, interns were able to go into the Friday Institute and work in person with one another. Attending workshops and team meetings in person enhanced my professional skills as well as time management. I was honored to meet several team members in person for the first time after working with them virtually for the previous year. I was pleasantly surprised by the kindness and excitement that PEER Group members had to share their research and answer any questions that the interns had. Throughout my time at the Friday Institute working as a PEER Intern, I have truly learned what a healthy workplace is, and I am thankful to have seen how equitable and successful the PEER Group has been in all its endeavors.

Overall I encourage anyone interested in becoming a PEER Group intern to apply. People of all different backgrounds and ages come together to create an authentic and unique community that works towards the common goal of making a difference in education. When I applied, I never thought that I would be where I am today–the lead intern of an amazing program. You never know if that could be you!