An Interesting Trip to North Carolina Museum of Art by Qin Si

Museums are always my favorite places to go when I am traveling. For instance, I travelled to Washington D. C. three times because there are so many amazing museums! However, I am not so eager to visit art museums as I feel it’s so hard to understand and appreciate most of the works of art. Now as I am living in Raleigh, NC, my time has been well spent in NC Museum of Natural Sciences and NC Museum of History. I know NC Museum of Art is always on my must-go list. Two weeks ago, I eventually got a chance to visit it!

This trip was part of Dr. Beal’s ECI 550 course project! As an organizer of this trip, Dr. Beal made our experience at NC Museum of art quite meaningful and unique by relating it to one of our projects. She also guided us throughout the tour and shared background knowledge of some of the exhibits she appreciated. After her explanation, a painting is no longer just a painting. It has its own meaning and tells stories. A sculpture is no longer just a sculpture, as I can imagine the process in which the sculptor was trying his/her best to complete the art piece.

Now let me introduce Harriet Tubman by Aaron Douglas, my favorite painting in the museum. At first, my attention was drawn to the bright green color of a painting, so I took a closer look at it. It looks as if there are several people depicted as shadows in this painting. Dr. Beal introduced the background information about this piece to us. The woman who is in the middle is Harriet Tubman, a famous figure before the Civil War for leading African Americans out of slavery. Tubman herself has her arms raised, breaking the chains that bound her. Though her eyes face back, her stride is forward, leading people onward. Ahead of her is the joy of freedom. There one man holds a hoe, symbolizing the freedom to farm; a young woman reads a book, meaning the freedom to receive education; a third man lies back enjoying his leisure time and staring raptly at a towering city.

The outdoor section of this museum also has a lot of beautiful views and this 164 acre Museum Park is among the largest museum art parks in the U.S.A. Besides, there are two miles of trails where visitors could walk along with friends and families, strengthening the connection of art and nature. The North Carolina Museum of Art is a destination in which visitors have their own captivating experience by encountering with arts. My passion for arts has been heightened! How about you?