Evan Marwell

Photo of Evan Marwell
Founder and Chief Executive Officer


Evan Marwell, is the CEO and founder of EducationSuperHighway. Evan founded EducationSuperHighway to take on one of the biggest challenges facing public education in America – the digital divide. Through collaboration with federal and state policy makers, service providers and school districts, EducationSuperHighway has helped put digital learning technology at the fingertips of nearly every student in America. In just a few years, EducationSuperHighway has connected over 40 million students to the broadband they need for digital learning and has secured commitments from 49 governors to upgrade their schools for the 21st century. Because of Evan’s innovative data-driven and focused approach, 98% of public schools now have access to high-speed internet in the classroom, and the K-12 digital divide is projected to be a thing of the past by the start of the 2020 school year.