FI Updates

Governors Bev Perdue and Bob Wise Address the Digital Transformation of Education

October 1, 2012— Governor Bev Perdue paired up with former West Virginia Governor, Bob Wise, to host an interactive webinar on technology and education last week. The conference was open to the public, with participants listening in from all over the nation. The webinar was hosted by the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation through the […]

A Roadmap For Increasing Student Digital Literacy

June 18, 2012— Technology is driving change in how one digests information and communicates. Educators are working to answer two important questions: What does it mean to be literate in the 21st century? How do teachers cultivate digital literacy for themselves as well as their students? Researchers at North Carolina State University examine this issue […]

Graduating the Next Generation of Education Leaders

May 7, 2012— North Carolina State University’s College of Education is graduating the first class of Master of School Administration students to have successfully completed the program through the Northeast Leadership Academy (NELA). The group celebrated this accomplishment last week at the Governor’s Mansion in Raleigh, North Carolina. Governor Beverly Perdue acknowledged the group. “Here […]

Overcoming Obstacles in Mathematics Learning by Using Video Games

May 1, 2012—Real world application of mathematics concepts leads to understanding and academic success. This environment can be replicated with the use of video games and a ‘learning by doing’ practice. Overcoming obstacles in mathematics learning was the theme of the 2012 Joseph D. Moore Lecture presented by Dr. Keith Devlin on April 26 at […]

National Digital Learning Day

  February 1, 2012 — Digital Learning Day is a national awareness campaign designed to celebrate innovative teachers and highlight instructional practices that strengthen teaching and personalize learning for all students. This year, February 1, marks the first celebration and North Carolina State University is part of the thirty-eight states, 10,000 teachers, and 1.5 million […]

New tool available to help schools improve STEM programs

The following was released by the NC STEM Community Collaborative. RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C. (Dec. 15, 2011) – A free downloadable rubric has been developed to help schools in North Carolina determine the steps needed to develop quality science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) programs. This rubric was developed by N.C. State University’s Friday Institute […]

From the Classroom to the Boardroom: Bill McNeal Awarded 2011 Friday Medal

November 18, 2011—North Carolina State University honored Dr. Bill McNeal at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation’s Friday Medal Presentation on Wednesday, November 17. The Friday Medal is awarded annually to honor significant, distinguished and enduring contributions to education and beyond through advocating innovation, advancing education and imparting inspiration. McNeal has over 30 years of […]

Want to Read Abraham Lincoln’s Telegrams? There’s an App for That!

October 11, 2011—A new history application for the Apple iPad, Lincoln Telegrams, produced by NC State faculty and graduate students is now available as a free download. The application includes 88 digitized telegram memos written by President Abraham Lincoln in 1864, along with historical annotations presenting analysis conducted by NC State students. “It’s the first […]

Leaving Lectures Behind: FIZZ

September 22, 2011—Ask students and teachers what they like least about their classes, and you’re likely to get the same answer from both: the lecture. Dr. Lodge McCammon, of the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation, is working at the middle- and high-school levels to replace classroom lectures with more interactive, engaging activities. In the average […]

Using Mobile Devices to Diagnose and Address Mathematics Difficulties

August 15, 2011—The elementary students in the LPP-Sync workshop are extremely certain on what they’ve been working on the past two weeks at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. A one-word answer that seems to bring an unexpected smile to their faces, “fractions.” This workshop engaged the students to practice math problems with mobile devices, […]