Massive Open Online Courses for Educators (MOOC-Ed)

Massive Online Open Courses for Educators, or MOOC-Eds, are professional development experiences that will engage you in new technology-enabled learning opportunities that are becoming widely used for both adults and students. Each of the MOOC-Ed courses will include core resources and supplemental materials around a specific topic, while also allowing for a great deal of personalization and flexibility. Because there is not a fixed path or a fixed curriculum everyone will follow, learning can be self-directed. Indeed, participants can — and are expected to — navigate their own paths, consistent with their own goals and the needs of their school or district, while being supported and guided by the facilitators, resources, education experts and fellow participants. And by conducting the course on such a massive scale — literally thousands of educators can participate — participants will also benefit from “crowdsourcing,” a collaborative professional learning experience that uses the “wisdom of the crowd” to discuss ideas, share strategies and resources, and exchange constructive feedback with other participants in similar roles and schools.

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Dr. Glenn Kleiman
Project Director & Instructor

Dr. Mary Ann Wolf
Project Co-Director & Instructor

Hollylynne Lee
Project Co-Director & Instructor

Alex Dreier
Project Manager

Mark Samberg
Technology Lead

Theresa Gibson
Project Coordinator

Dr. Eric Wiebe
Associate Professor

Dr. Hiller Spires

Dr. Hollylynne Lee

Dr. Karen Hollebrands

Dr. Sherry Booth
Senior Research Scholar

Dr. Shaun Kellogg
Research Associate

Jaclyn Stevens
Research Associate

Dr. Lisa Hervey
Senior Research Scholar

Brittany Miller
Research Associate

Dr. Gemma Mojica
Research Associate

Lauren Milam Acree
Research Associate

Jim Creager
Research Assistant

Kemal Akoglu
Research Assistant

Alison Graham
Competency Based Professional Learning Program Manager

Blythe Tyrone
Communications Specialist



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