DELTA Project: Diagnostic E-Learning Trajectories Approach for Assessment for Rational Number Reasoning

Relocated to NC State College of Education in June, 2014

Based on learning trajectories synthesized from rational number reasoning literature, the DELTA project is designing diagnostic assessments for rational number reasoning (RNR). Central to this project is the creation of valid and reliable student-centered assessments that track students’ development over time in key mathematical areas of RNR. DELTA will then develop diagnostic tools that will provide teachers with instructional guidance, for both individual students and entire classes. For more information, please visit


Jere Confrey
Principal Investigator

Alan Maloney
Senior Research Scientist and Project Coordinator

Kosze Lee
Research Associate

Dicky Ng
Research Associate

Nicole Panorkou
Postdoctoral Fellow

Theresa Gibson
Project Coordinator

Jennifer Nickel
Graduate Research Assistant

Tamar Avineri
Graduate Research Assistant


National Science Foundation