NC Digital Leaders Coaches Network: Building Change Agents in Education

A Blended Learning Opportunity for Instructional Technologists, Instructional Coaches, Mentor Teachers, and Media Coordinators

Instructional technologists, instructional coaches, mentor teachers, and media coordinators are critical to the digital learning transition in schools and districts. The role these educators play provides an important opportunity to develop highly effective professional development that is ongoing, job-embedded, peer supported, and grounded in relevant and rigorous curriculum and instruction. While educators are often more comfortable with digital learning than others in their building or district, they are often the only person with a job like theirs. Schools or districts in the process of an effective digital learning transition often point to the people in these roles as essential to leading and creating a culture that enables and supports digital learning. Helping these individuals understand and be empowered by what it means to lead digital learning can be integral a school or district’s progress in the digital learning transition.

Building upon research on effective professional learning, this program seeks to ensure that instructional technologists, coaches, mentor teachers, and media coordinators have access to personalized and sustainable opportunities centered around pedagogy and digital learning with a significant emphasis on strategies that allow them to apply that knowledge to build capacity among educators, administrators, and students in the school. The program includes:

  • A year-long, blended program with a cohort of peers from across North Carolina to provide professional networking and collaboration within a blended and sustainable community for the sharing of ideas and strategies;
  • Ongoing interaction with experts and community through monthly face-to-face convenings and online interactions;
  • Participation based upon an application process to ensure interest and commitment to fully participate and collaborate with peers; and,
  • Alignment with the North Carolina Media Coordinator, Instructional Technology Facilitator & Coaching Evaluation Instruments and Standards




Mark Samberg
Technology Innovations Project Manager

Nancy Mangum
Research Scholar

Theresa Gibson
Project Coordinator

Abbey Futrell
Research Associate

Greg Garner
Research Associate



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