What Now? Implications, Obligations and Opportunities of the Release and Adoption of the Common Core State

Wednesday September 1, 2010 | 9:00 AM – 10:00 AM | Wachovia Innovation Hall

Standards (CCSS) for Mathematics This FI Seminar Series, will be presented by a member of the Validation Committee for the Common Core Mathematics Standards, will review the development of the CCSS, their current status, the strategies for curriculum and assessment development based on the CCSS, and will discuss the current perspectives on future revisions and maintenance.


Dr. Jere Confrey

This event is an installment of the FI Seminar Series. The FI Seminar Series showcases innovative work from FI research and engagement teams, as well as that of our partners in the College of Education, throughout NC State University, and across the nation. These seminars are an opportunity for informal presentation, discussion and engagement in our community, allowing us to increase collaboration and advance our work by learning from colleagues and peers. The FI Seminar Series is open to the public.