NC Superintendent Digital Leadership Institute

Wednesday, September 20 – Thursday, September 21, 2017 | Friday Institute

This Institute will assist Superintendents in considering data, communicating expectations, and collaborating with others to support a digital transformation from a district perspective. Superintendents will identify and focus on individual leadership goals and district team goals in order to move their districts forward in providing the digital opportunities necessary for teaching and learning in a changing world.

Program Desired Outcomes:

  • Identify the current digital reality in districts using the results of the Digital Learning Progress Rubric and other existing data
    sources, including areas of strength and challenges.
  • Develop an understanding of the importance of a digital learning transition along with the ability to articulate this to the
    community and Board of Education.
  • Explore sustainable models and strategies to answer the challenges facing the district, including technology and infrastructure,
    professional learning, curriculum content, budget, resources, and stakeholder and community engagement.
  • Build a skilled digital leadership team.
  • Identify tools, resources, and a community of peers for sharing ideas for continuous professional development.