Photo of Lauren Milam Acree
Lauren Milam Acree Research Associate
Phone: (919) 513-8577MOOC-EdDigital Learning Plan
Photo of Arnita Adams
Arnita Adams Director of Finance & Business
Phone: 919-513-8537
Photo of Kemal Akoglu
Kemal Akoglu Graduate Research Assistant
Phone: (919) 450-8473GAMES Project
No Photo Available
Emily Antoszyk Research Assistant
Phone: (919) 513-7911
Photo of Jonathan Barbee
Jonathan Barbee Events Coordinator
Phone: (919) 513-8547
Photo of Courtney Behrle
Courtney Behrle Graduate Research Assistant
Leonardo Project
Photo of Dr. Meg Blanchard
Dr. Meg Blanchard Associate Professor
Phone: 919-513-8504STEM Career Awareness
Photo of Dr. Sherry Booth
Photo of Suzanne Branon
Suzanne Branon Project Manager
Phone: (919) 513-8557Evaluation of Race to the Top
Photo of Laurie Brummitt
Laurie Brummitt Graduate Research Assistant
Phone: (919) 513-8580
Photo of Dr. Lauren Bryant
Photo of Connie Byrd
Connie Byrd Coordinator
Phone: 919-513-8540
Photo of Kylie Cafiero
Kylie Cafiero Director of Communications and External Relations, College of Education
Phone: 919-515-5912
No Photo Available
Yuan (Jennifer) Chang Graduate Research Assistant
Photo of Emmy Coleman
Emmy Coleman Senior Research Scholar
Phone: 919-513-8552Digital Learning Collaborative
Photo of Tracey Collins
Tracey Collins MISO Project Coordinator
Phone: 919-513-8579MISO
Photo of Dr. Jeni Corn
Photo of Jordan DeWitt
Jordan DeWitt Project Coordinator
Phone: 919-513-8541
Photo of Alex Dreier
Alex Dreier Research Associate
Phone: (919) 513-8529MOOC-Ed
Photo of Phil Emer
Phil Emer Director of Technology Planning and Policy
Phone: 919-513-8511NC Education Cloud